How To Create WhatsApp Fake Chat – 2nd Number WhatsApp

How To Create WhatsApp Fake Chat – 2nd Number WhatsApp. If you want to get second number for WhatsApp, if you want to open the chat in your phone, you can use this app in web mode. Many people are using this app. This app is available on play store with quite good rating as second WhatsApp and many people are using it.

How To Create WhatsApp Fake Chat - 2nd Number WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app around the world and many people use its features. Which is very efficient. If you want to open anyone’s chat in your phone, where you want to open your own WhatsApp in web mode, then you can use this app.

This application has many premium features. Those who want to show anyone’s chat can use it for free. That he sends messages, you can do all the editing like WhatsApp, you can create profiles.

WhatsApp Fake Chat Features

Millions of people are using this app to use the premium features of WhatsApp. Which you will definitely like. You can edit the chat of your girlfriend or a special friend. You can send it a message and create a complete chat while editing

There are many chatting apps available. WhatsApp is a popular app that provides you with many unique features with good security, including sending photos, videos, and text messages, as well as making audio and video calls. .

WhatsApp 2nd Number

Officially you don’t get any special number for WhatsApp but you want to show fake chat to someone. If you want to hide your official WhatsApp, then you can use this app. There will be two WhatsApp in your phone. If you want to open WhatsApp and show it to someone, you can show this chat. If someone in your family checks your phone.

  • Install App On Your Phone
  • Setup Chats
  • Edit Every Person Chat
  • Verification Tick
  • More

All the features that are available in a premium way in WhatsApp are available in this app. Millions of people are using this app on play store. If you are looking for such an application, you can download it from our given links.

Bottom Line

All these applications that we have researched and brought for you. All of them are available on App Store and Official App Store. After clicking the download button we have given below, it will be used in your phone.

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For App Go to the Play Store “Whatsmock” App Download.

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