Top Best Secret Codes For Android Devices All Mobiles

Top Best Secret Codes For Android Devices All Mobiles. Increasing population in the world and cheap internet is increasing the demand for Android phones. Chinese companies are making more and more phones every year and new users are using more and more Android devices. Because they are more affordable. While we talk about European countries, you also get to see expensive Android phones. As the phones of Samsung and Apple also have a good market. But today we will tell you some secret codes of Android phones. Which can be very beneficial for your phone.

Top Best Secret Codes For Android Devices All Mobiles

Everyone who uses mobile should know all these codes. From which he can do all the settings of his phone well. If you have to check the camera phones or set the phone dialer. So all the codes below we are going to tell you whether you are using any brand of phone oppo vivo Samsung or Huawei.

Top Secret Codes For Android

Android users are more common. That’s why we are going to tell you the special codes for the setting of Android phones. Which you can check in Samsung Xiaomi or other phones which you will definitely not know before.

  • *#07#  (Phone Sar Value Check
  • *#06# (IMEI Number Check)
  • *#*#0#*#* (Samsung Setting)
  • *#*#646633#*#* (Xiaomi Setting)


All these codes that we have told you. If it doesn’t work in your phone, we have also found some special apps for you. By using which you can check the codes in your phone. Whether your phone has a Snapdragon or MediaTek processor.

Of course, if you want to make yourself a pro-type mobile user. So you want to know how to set up the phone. So you don’t need to go to a mechanic by using this code, you can fix your phone by yourself.

Phone Codes App

Many apps are available on the Play Store. In which the codes of all the brands are mentioned. But if some codes do not work, we have brought such an application for you after searching. By using which you can enter all these codes in any brand of phone and check. Which is app available on Play Store directly.

The secret codes, tips and tricks of all the phone brands around the world and many other information are found in this app. It has millions of downloads on play store and with good rating this app will get app. From which you will be able to check all the codes according to your phone by installing it in your phone.

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