National Oilwell Varco Careers stands out as a prestigious opportunity in the UAE’s oil and gas sector. As a global leader, NOV offers a chance to be part of a dynamic family and build a rewarding career in a prominent industry.


NOV’s Global Impact

With a history spanning over 150 years, National Oilwell Varco (NYSE: NOV) has established itself as a global powerhouse in designing, manufacturing, and selling equipment for oil and gas operations. The company’s commitment to excellence has led to the creation of top-tier products, making a significant impact worldwide.

Job Opportunities

The allure of NOV Careers lies in the diverse job opportunities it provides. Job seekers can explore positions such as Rig Performance Consultant, Quality Inspector, Warehouse Coordinator, and Sales Director, each offering a unique set of challenges and rewards.

Application Process

Applying for a position at NOV is a straightforward process. This section guides potential applicants on how to navigate the application process, emphasizing the importance of passion and dedication when seeking opportunities in Dubai, UAE.

NOV’s History

Delve into the rich history of National Oilwell Varco, exploring the milestones and achievements that have contributed to its current status as an industry leader. Understanding NOV’s legacy adds depth to the appeal of joining the company.

Rig Performance Consultant

Explore the role of a Rig Performance Consultant at NOV. Highlight the technical training involved and the significant impact these professionals make in Dubai and beyond.

Quality Inspector

Uncover the requirements and responsibilities of a Quality Inspector at NOV. Emphasize the importance of their role in maintaining the high standards associated with the company’s manufacturing processes.

Warehouse Coordinator

Detail the skills and duties of a Warehouse Coordinator at NOV. Shed light on the preference for candidates with a forklift license and the integral role they play in the company’s operations in Dubai.

Sales Director

Highlight the leadership role of a Sales Director in the oil and gas sector, specifically in drill stem tubulars. Discuss the responsibilities and the strategic impact this position holds in Dubai.

Company Information

Provide a comprehensive overview of National Oilwell Varco, detailing its background, values, and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.

Job Location and Nationality

Address the diverse job locations across the UAE and the inclusive approach to nationality in NOV’s hiring process, ensuring a welcoming and diverse workforce.

Education and Experience

Specify the mandatory educational and experience requirements for applicants, ensuring transparency and helping potential candidates gauge their eligibility.

Monthly Salary and Benefits

Discuss the variable monthly salary depending on the position and elaborate on the excellent benefits that come with being part of the NOV family.

Submitting CV Online

Offer a simplified guide to submitting a CV online, making the application process seamless for aspiring candidates.

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In conclusion, National Oilwell Varco Careers in the UAE presents an exciting prospect for individuals aspiring to make a mark in the oil and gas industry. With a rich history, diverse job opportunities, and a commitment to excellence, NOV stands as a global leader. Joining the NOV family means becoming part of a dynamic and innovative workforce, contributing to the industry’s evolution.


Q: How can I apply for NOV Careers in Dubai?
A: To apply for NOV Careers in Dubai, visit their official website and follow the online application process. Ensure you submit your application with passion.

Q: What are the key positions available at NOV?
A: NOV offers diverse positions such as Rig Performance Consultant, Quality Inspector, Warehouse Coordinator, and Sales Director.

Q: What is the educational requirement for NOV Careers?
A: The educational requirements vary, but a mandatory degree equivalent is typically required for NOV positions.

Q: Can international candidates apply for NOV Careers in the UAE?
A: Yes, NOV welcomes applicants of selective nationalities, ensuring a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Q: What benefits come with NOV Careers?
A: NOV offers excellent benefits, and the monthly salary varies depending on the position, making it a rewarding career choice.

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